The Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers, Vloggers & Influencers

Let me guess why you’re here… You’ve gone on the hunt for the ultimate funny gift for your blogger friend and the internet (and the other online gift shops out there) have disappointed you. That until you came across this gift guide!

Well, you’re in luck because I’m about to present the best funny gift ideas for those bloggers in your life who deserve some appreciation (and who have a great sense of humor).

So whether you’re shopping for a blogger, a vlogger, an Instagram influencer or an online marketer (or for yourself), we’ve got you covered!


The Best Funny Gift Ideas For Bloggers

From blogging humor to making fun of their blogging addiction, from personalized gifts from bloggers and practical home office supplies for small business owners, our shop has it all.

Browse below to find our favorite fun blogging gift ideas (and don’t forget to join our email list below to get 10% off your first order). Here we go:



Funny T-shirts For Bloggers











A traditional gift that never gets old: a classic and comfy T-shirt with an amusing quote.

Our collection of T-shirts is personalized with blogging quotes and blogging humor, making these the perfect gift idea for your blogging bestie. Or better yet, why not grab one of these tees for yourself?



Funny Tea & Coffee Mugs

Looking for the ideal gift for a coffee lover? Check out this funny coffee quote mug "No Coffee No Workee" for bloggers and online entrepreneurs and add it to cart today! Gift ideas for bloggers, gift guides for entrepreneurs, funny gifts with coffee quotes and more on Blogging Mode! #coffeemug #coffeehumour Please Go Away, I'm Blogging mug - funny mug for bloggers

A practical yet amusing gift that cannot miss from anyone’s workspace: the funny coffee mug.

Our tea and coffee mugs are not only sturdy and practical, but they represent the ultimate gift idea for any blogger that’s Instagram obsessed (or a coffee lover), because they make perfect photo props.

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Amusing Sweatshirts For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs



The ultimate cozy gift for bloggers: personalized funny sweatshirts with inspiring quotes.

Our sweatshirts are not only fabulous and funny, but they are also comfortable, making this the perfect unisex gift for bloggers of all ages, especially those who work from home. Pick your favorite style and color today!



Vintage Tote Bags For Bloggers

Vintage tote bags make great gifts for bloggers. Grab one for your friend (or treat yourself) and wear it proudly, because blogging is a real job! A classic vintage tote bag with a stylish handle (multiple colors) and a blogging themed message. Great gift idea for the blogger in your life! Add to cart today!

A needed item and a practical bag for carrying around your laptop: your vintage tote bags for bloggers.

Our tote bags are a proud addition to our shop and an unmistakable gift choice for digital nomads, bloggers who love traveling and those who love to do it in style. (Not to mention – they are hilarious!)


Cozy Hoodies With Funny Quotes For Millenials 


Keeping in tune with our funny gift ideas under $50, we’ve also created a line of cozy hoodies with hilarious quotes for bloggers, Instagram influencers, small business owners and more.

There’s something in our shop for everyone, but we are especially catering to coffee addicts, wine lovers, dog moms and women in business that have a sense of humor!

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Funny Notebooks & Journals 

Sleep Less, Blog More - Spiral Notebook For Bloggers. Blogging themed journals and planners. Looking for a simple notebook to decorate your home office? Grab this "Drink Coffee Get Stuff Done" journal or buy it for as a gift for the coffee lover in your life! Office gift idea, home office decor, funny throw pillow, stationary for bloggers, agift idea coffee lovers, coffee humour quote, gift guide for online entrepreneurs, gift idea for moms. #giftideaformoms

A perfect gift idea for the organized blogger: a funny but practical notebook that can be used as a blog planner.

Our notebooks and journals are uniquely designed with funny blogging quotes for coffee lovers, bloggers and planner addicts. It doesn’t hurt that they come in handy as flat lay photo props as well.


Personalized Laptop Accessories For Bloggers

Any blogger that spends their free time churning away at their blog from their laptop would appreciate one of our two laptop accessories: either a personalized laptop case (which is perfect for travel bloggers or digital nomads) or one of our funny laptop stickers (which also look great on planners and make a super cute home office decoration).

If you’re looking for more affordable gift options for entrepreneurs, be sure to check out this gift guide on 21+ Practical Gift Ideas For Bloggers.


Comical Travel Pouches For Bloggers

Need an accessory pouch to store your make-up or an adorable travel bag to carry to the coffee shop with you? Check out our blogging bags collection (including this double-sided "Not Now I'm Blogging" print) and find more gift ideas for bloggers! Funny gift idea for bloggers, office gift idea, make-up pouch, photography prop bloggers.Need an accessory pouch to store your make-up or an adorable travel bag? If you're an online entrepreneur with a good sense of humour, you're going to love this double sided Adorable Badass printed pouch! Cute gift idea for business owners, gift guide for moms, mother's day gift idea, unicorn pattern from Blogging Mode.

A more affordable, yet still awesome gift idea: the funny accessory bags and make-up pouches.

Our travel-size accessory bags are a brand new edition to our store and they serve as amazing home office accessories and travel bags. Printed out with personalized funny quotes about blogging or cute designs, you cannot go wrong with them.


Affordable Gift Idea – Witty Fridge Magnets


Everyone loves a good fridge magnet. And we have the best ones on the market for bloggers and lady bosses. So be sure to check out our entire collection of funny & inspiring magnet quotes here.

And if you know someone who needs a little encouragement or a laugh every time they go to open the fridge door, grab one for them as a gift! (P.S. These magnets also work great for magnetic boards for your office.)


Funny Throw Pillows With Quotes

Looking to add some personality to your living room, home office or bedroom? This custom design Polyester Square Pillow is the perfect accessories for bloggers, online creatives, and entrepreneurs. Get yours now! Looking for a simple square pillow to decorate your home office? Grab this "No Coffee No Workee" pillow or buy it for as a gift for the coffee lover in your life! Office gift idea, home office decor, funny throw pillow, gift idea coffee lovers, coffee humour quote, gift guide for online entrepreneurs, gift idea for moms. #giftideaformoms

Last but not least, the gift that keeps on giving: cozy and amusing throw pillows.

These custom-made throw pillows come in different sizes and can be used around the home office or as home decor items. What makes them special is the fact that they are personalized with amusing and uplifting quotes, which means they would make such an incredible gift for that special blogger in your life.



And there you have it! A list of our favorite funny gift ideas for bloggers that are created to amuse, inspire, encourage and surprise those special bloggers, vloggers or online entrepreneurs in your life. But the list doesn’t stop here!

We restock our shop with new designs and products each month, so be sure to check back and take our pick. And while you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a little something as well from our little online gift shop?


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15+ Funny Gift Ideas For Bloggers